My acrylic abstractions develop directly from experience of the landscape. I grew up in the mountains in Gunma prefecture, Japan. And I have worked in Propagation for The New York Botanical Garden, Bronx, NY which has been a pivotal influence. The organic forms of roots and trees, shrubs and flowers, water and weather provide inspiration. Water is the elemental aspect/concept of my work. Water provides nourishment through roots, and the intensity of roots energy is powerful. I aim to express this power through my paintings. Water is my medium with acrylic paint. And a liquidity is often evident in some of my very abstract pieces. I recycle my own “ancient” paintings and these layers of experience meet with the immediate act of painting to accomplish deep color and space, and a tangible impression of natural form. I work with both a black and white as well as colorful palette to explore nature in an abstract arena. The images I present here speak to the beauty, intensity, and mystery of nature and our deep connection to its ever evolving and transformative power.